About Me.

Dream big, Start small but most of all, START!

As an experienced ICT generalist, I was always amazed by the often inefficient ways in which companies and their associated departments operate. Frustrated and interested in finding more efficient solutions, the focus shifted from implementing ICT solutions to mapping processes, managing the right people and finally the overall management of companies. After many years of experience, I concentrate fully on making a company efficient, profitable and functional.

The quote by "Simon Sinek" is 100% true. You may describe the wildest desire, describe a thousand analyses or reports, have 100 meetings, but above all... don't wait... Just start.

My 'modus operandi' is simple... you cannot offer a solution if you do not know the problem. You have to immerse yourself not only on paper but also hands-on in the department(s). Only then can you understand 100% what the problem is or the frustration of a department that is not running smoothly.

Be it financial, operational, ICT... the starting and end goal is always the same. To make a company profitable in an efficient and structural way.


Personal Information

  • Name Sébastien Brusselle
  • Age 46 Years
  • Residence Zwankendamme, België
  • Address Lisstraat 7
  • Email
  • Phone (+32) 477050477
  • Freelance Available



Managing & Supervising teams
Project accomplishments
Achieving operational excellence in all devisions.
Manage day to day communications with all distributors, external parties & providers.


Analyze & advise on all processes in a Company.
Focus on efficiency and durability.
inDepth knowledge of all ICT services either onPremise and Cloud.


Making sure all departments run as efficient possible through automations.


Advising & contributing with inDepth knowledge to Marketing strategies by searching and managing the right external or internal 3rd parties.